Do I need a Makeup Artist?

If you need a professional that will ensure you look your best, so that you may feel your best, then you need a makeup artist. A makeup artist is an investment in self, in image, in transformation and in your artistic genius.

What Makes You Different?

I entered this field with a visual arts background, wether I am part of a team, or it is just myself. I show up for the art. Being of visual mind, I am inventive when given opportunity and am simultaneously taking up space and provide an affirming and comforting experience. That costs me nothing to provide.

What are your COVID-19 Measures?

Fully Vaccinated, I am a Barbicide COVID-19 Certified Artist. I am privy to a thorough procedure that now includes weekly, board certified Covid-19 Antigen Rapid Tests. I disinfect my kit, surfaces, brushes, hands and tools that will be coming in contact with my clientele. I ask every client to their preference if they would like that I wear a face covering accompanied by a standardized face mask with PM2.5 Filter, replaced as directed by the Ministry of Health. Offering additional safety measures, such as latex and acrylic gloves, sealed masks and face shields for clients and Rapid Antigen Test Upon Request, for an additional fee (via contact form).

I need help making a decision on my look, can you help?

I do provide artistic consultation during the booking process as an option, I can help build your visuals and mood board prior to our shoot. It is an experience I love as it gives me clarity in our shared vision and yours. A trial look on myself, face-chart or meeting with you and any team can be arranged per the appropriate booking window.

What is a Kit Fee?

A Kit Fee is a charge for product usage and is used as an artists insurance to maintain inventory and quality. As a full-time business, this fee ensures I can maintain kit quality, inventory and cover damages without taking a loss. Maintaining my level of artistry.

Why do you Charge Travel?

I charge every client a travel fee, either one-way or roundtrip travel. I charge this fee as I am not currently driving, not taking house-calls and transporting a 60-100+ pound kit throughout the city over varying distances. This fee ensures the health of my body and the security of my kit as I travel for the convenience of my clientele

What do you use to sanitize?

To sanitize I use 99% alcohol on my kit, powders, creams and brushes. When washing and sanitizing brushes I use Dawn or Castile soaps in hot/warm water and/or the Cinema Secrets Brush Cleaner concentrate that kills 99.99% of bacteria

Do I need Lashes?

Lashes vary on nature and what we agree is appropriate for the look(s).  Not every look requires a lash but every look can be elevated with a lash. Lash styles come in unique shapes, styles and densities. Meaning there is a lash for every eye.

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